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Good evening! I am writing this letter to Mr. Sacha Baron Cohen, who
plays Borat in the show. I am a senior Jewish citizen from Kazakhstan.
The Jewish community in Kazakhstan constitutes about 400,000 people.
Out of all post-communist nations, Kazakhstan, and Kazakhs in
particular, were the most receptive and friendly to us Jews in the
turbulent times of the Second World War and Stalin era. We fled to
Kazakhstan from different regions in big numbers and found warm and
welcoming reception in Kazakhstan, which now became our true HOMELAND.
I have traveled extensively around the World and have lived and worked
in New York for 8 years. However preferred to return to Kazakhstan for
living and raising family. As a senior person and as a Jew (to my
knowledge Sacha Baron Cohen is ethnic Jew too) I would like to express
my concerns about the offenses, hurts, insults and possible ethnic
conflicts that your shows can bring to the people which you make fun of
in your shows. I understand that money is money and you are perhaps
more concerned about making your show more popular and making more
money. But there is also an issue of morality. Making money is good,
BUT not through hurting so many thousands people and damaging the
reputation of such a young country like Kazakhstan (which became a
country only 13 years ago after Soviet Union collapsed). I know from my
experience of living in the USA for 8 years that American people do not
know much about Kazakhstan (as about any other quiet countries of the
former USSR such as Belarus, Latvia, Moldova, etc.) and might believe
the nonsence of your show. Also it might damage the relationship
between Jews and the Kazakhs in Kazakhstan, which I, having a family
and future in this country would not want to happen. Thank yoi Kazakh
people for being so welcoming to us, Jews!!! The hurts and offences
you, Sacha Cohen, caused to many people might hurt you one day.
Regards, Jacob

-- i found this on The Borat Board
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